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French Bulldog. Hair and skin care

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The French Bulldog doesn't need a lot of grooming, provided the correct things are done. 

They require maximum care with hygiene as it is a breed that is very susceptible to suffering with skin conditions and sensitive skin.

Keeping the skin clean by using appropriate cosmetics minimizes possible skin problems and excessive hair loss whilst providing a beautiful, healthy and shiny coat.

Short hair gets dirty and deteriorates less than long hair. But that does not mean that regular bathing is not necessary...

Skin problems are mostly due to lack of hygiene and the use of aggressive cosmetics.

Intense and continuous shedding are also symptoms directly related to the bad condition of the skin.

Although it is inevitable that hair dies and falls out at the end of it's cycle, maintaining the hair and skin in good condition reduces the uncomfortable shedding considerably.


Shampoo serves to clean in depth and remove impurities from the hair and skin. It is important that you clean well but without causing further irritation to the skin.

The conditioner functions to restore the pH balance of the hair and skin and to deposit and seal in the necessary nutrients.

For each bath to be a benefit to the skin of the French Bulldog, a good shampoo and conditioner is paramount, and should be appropriate to the type of skin of each individual dog.

Just like with humans, within the each breed there are different types of skin such as those with a tendency to dry out or those which accumulate excess natural oils.

In the case of extremely sensitive skin, it is advisable to always bathe with an antiseptic and anti-bacterial shampoo that soothes and moisturizes. The shampoo we recommend for this purpose is the K9 Aloe Vera Shampoo.

It can be used just like regular shampoo. Especially with sensitive skin, it is advisable to bathe more frequently as dirt will cause skin problems much more quickly.

A good habit is to take advantage of the moment of the bath to clean the ears and to review the nails.

Some dogs get some hair growing in between their paw pads

To control infections or any irritation in specific areas of the body, the K9 Aloe Vera Conditioner is also very good.


In the bath we must pay special attention to the inside of the folds of the face.

On dogs that tend to suffer from infection in these areas it is advisable to use an antiseptic shampoo or a special facial shampoo such as TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover.

It is also important to rinse these areas very well and above all, dry them properly.

With this breed it is particularly important to dry them thoroughly to avoid skin problems. 

Moisture in the folds is the skin's greatest enemy and therefore it must be completely dry.

Between baths, the skin in the folds must also be checked every day.

If there is moisture, it is necessary to clean it with a cotton wool and an antiseptic cleaning product such as Artero Professional grooming eye cleaner & stain reducerTropiClean Waterless Facial Cleanser, or the VERY BEST products for extra special care by the truly discerning dog owner is the Eye Envy Tear Stain Remove Kit

Do not forget to always dry the folds completely!


Frequent baths are the key solution.

The warm water helps open the pores and loosen up the old hair. Therefore, when bathing, more hair is often seen to come out.

On the other hand, it is important to use the right tools for the removal of old hair.

Suitable brushes for daily brushing of short hair are rubber gloves

Tine brushes or pin brushes, however good they may be, are not suitable for removing old hair from short-haired breeds.

During the shedding period, the most practical way to recover the shine and quality of the hair is, as well good wash, a blow dry and a good brush with the rubber gloves

Facilitating the removal of old hair helps and prepares the skin for new hair to grow through better.

If carrying out all of this, it is possible, together with the correct hydration and frequent baths, to shorten the shedding period.


Not at all! This type of hair should not be cut. It will not help with shedding, instead it will damage the skin and hair even more!

Click on links to see the details of all the recommended products: 1. Rubber Gloves 2. TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover 3. Artero Professional grooming eye cleaner & stain reducer 4. TropiClean Waterless Facial Cleanser 5. Eye Envy Tear Stain Remove Kit 6. K9 Aloe Vera Shampoo 7. K9 Aloe Vera Conditioner

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