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How to take care of dog's ears?

Many people don't treat dog's ears seriously enough. 

MYTH:  "Because dogs were created by nature, there is no need to take care of their ears..?"

There is only one small but important detail:

Today's dogs are the result of selective breeding and no longer just the work of mother nature. 

So, while we don't have to take special care of the ears of primitive breeds of dogs - although obviously it makes sense to check them from time to time - in the case of dogs with floppy ears or long-haired breeds, ear care is very important!

In today's article you will find:

What is ear waxing and why is it so important?

How to take care of floppy ears?

Do dog ears get dirty?

Know how to detect problems with ears

Water in the ears - is it the end of the world?

Ear waxing is the process of removing hair from your dog's ear canals. Excess hair can make it difficult to ventilate the ear and creates ideal conditions for bacteria and fungus to grow, which can cause ear infections.

Primitive breeds (husky, spitz, etc.) do not have this problem at all.

This has appeared in modern breeds as a side effect of the hair culture and should be removed regularly. This treatment, if carried out correctly, is completely painless. It can be performed by a groomer, a vet or even at home with the right training. It's not necessary for puppies, as their hair may not yet be mature enough to come out and it would be painful for them. Usually during the first waxing of hair, dogs protest strongly, not because it hurts just because it feels strange to them... you have to hold their head and they don't like it very much (some don't even like stroking on the head either but this is a topic wew ill cover in the future). Luckily, usually the second ear can usually be treated without any protests. Dogs are wise beasts and realise when it's for their own good :)

Floppy ears, on the other hand, even if the hair does not grow in the ear canal (e.g. Spaniels) they tend to get inflamed and irritated, also due to impaired ventilation. Such ears need to be regularly cleaned with a veterinary prescription to prevent fungi and bacteria from multiplying. Of course, there will be dogs that will not have any problems, but it is always better to play safe as ear infections can be very painful. As a rule, dogs' ears don't get dirty by themselves, they may get dusty, but if you see lumps of dirt - it's not dirt anymore and needs to be checked. Healthy ears are clean and look clean, so if your dog's ears look clean you may not need to clean them for weeks or even months but make sure to check regularly.

You should also check if you notice a change to your dog's behavior... If there is a sudden change to your dog's behavior it can very often be related to a health issue. For example, if a dog shakes his head often or scratches it's ears it is a clear signal that there could be something wrong with the ears. If, in addition, there are the aforementioned lumps of dirt inside the ears too - consult the vet urgently.

Do not try to treat it yourself as any products put in the ears will prevent the vet from being able to take samples for examination and testing. The dirty black secretion and/or the accompanying characteristic of an unpleasant smell are clear evidence of ear infection and this can turn very serious very quickly.

What about water in the ears?

MYTH: "If a dog gets water in their ears, it will cause an ear infection"

If this were true, there would be queues of sick dogs' at the vets between spring and autumn when the weather is good for swimming!!!

 After all, when a dog jumps into the water or swims, water always gets into it's ears, and the water in the lake or pond is, to put it mildly, questionably clean! But we don't need to worry about that either... Of course, while washing them, be careful not to pour water directly into the ears, but there is no need to panic if a bit of water gets in there.

It's much more dangerous to pour water into their nose because they might choke! 

Care must be taken whilst drying to not bend the ears as this can cause much bigger problems that a little splash of water!

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