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Beauty Bath & Fluff Dry

Pamper your pooch with a warm relaxing bath which will leave your dogs coat looking and feeling soft and silky, followed by a fluff dry and nail clip.

This Service is perfect for all breeds, to keep their coat in great condition and to prevent matting, but especially for shorter and longer double-coated breeds such as Pomeranian, Chihuahua, French Bulldog etc. that need a little more attention than a simple bath and blow dry. This service includes a bath and blow out to remove any dead and loose undercoat.

We recommend that all double coated breeds should have this treatment every 4 weeks,  to ensure they can insulate themselves properly. Breeds like Pomeranian, Husky, Border Collie etc should not be clipped with a machine.

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'Small Styling' can be added to the service for:

  • Face Trim: 5€

  • Paw Pads Trim: 5€

  • Sanitary Area: 5€

  • or all together for 10€

   (write us a note if you want to include small styling to your dog bath)


  • Small and Medium Difficult Dog (max 20kg): additional cost +15€

  • Big Difficult Dog (more than 20kg): additional cost +30€



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